Resource Efficiency

We understand: Environmental protection is relevant and will remain by saving resources. In day-to-day operations, the question how to use resources sparingly is common practice. More and more companies are setting targets. We can help achieving these targets.

With smart packengeering ® we have developed a packaging that is far superior to conventional solutions by many aspects. You have the option of using an equivalent packaging alternative for barrels made of plastic or paper of 100% corrugated cardboard.

This is completely recycleable via the waste paper cycle. The waste paper is then found again in the production of the packaging of card board.
This packaging solution is perfectly embedded in a material cycle and makes a major contribution to your sustainability goals.
We call it smart packengeering ®.

In comparison: 40 liter model

kg waste paper (100% valuable material)
conventional packaging alternatives:

up to

kg residual waste with almost 50% lost paper material

At the end of the product life cycle, conventional packaging (fiber drums) turns one ton of packaging material into one ton of residual waste. Valuable raw materials get lost.
Our product is and remains a raw material. One ton packaging material is one ton recyclable paper. And one ton of our product represents more packaging units that conventional packaging.
We call it smart packengeering ®.